Anonymous Tip Hotline

According to the most recent studies, 43% of frauds are discovered by way of tips. Most people, however, prefer to give an Anonymous Tip.

Organizations that provided a hot line service had a significantly higher percentage (51%) of fraud detected by anonymous tips than those firms without such a service. In addition, organizations with a hot line realized a 44.4% reduction in median fraud loss.

By utilizing our Anonymous Tip Hot Line service an organization does not have to expend time, effort or money to properly develop their own. The Anonymous Tip Hotline number is 1-855-481-8000 and the Anonymous Tip form is below.

This service is designed for maximum feedback and provides the user total anonymity whether he/she is providing the tip by telephone or email. Help uncover a potential fraud by submitting a tip today!

Click here to Send a anonymous email.

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